N2 Winter

Hello winter!!! We’ve had very cold days outside and we’ve been exploring all the winter elements around us….

This week we spoke about winter clothes during our circle time. Pointing at the different winter clothes that we are wearing: scarf, gloves, jumper and socks. We touched and felt different textures: soft, rough and fluffy.

They were very excited to wear winter hats so we decided to make an art craft. We used cotton, paint and wool to decorate our green winter hats. They used glue by themselves for the first time. They had sticky fingers for the whole day!!!!

Our tuff tray this week was all about sensory they explored foil and soft toys (as you can see in the pictures), to prepare for our next week’s activities.

Next week we will make our snowflakes made of natural elements to hang in our classroom. So we went to the forest to get some sticks. Next week you’ll see the results!!

AULA DE PADRES «Normas y limites en las rutinas» – 20 enero

We have the pleasure of inviting you to the talk Normas y límites en las rutinas del día: sueño, alimentación, rabietas y pataletas by Pilar Marín Gómez, PhD in Psychology and teacher in the Facultad de Educación y Salud of the CJC, specialist in Psycho-pedagogy. 

Her main research has been in the fields of attention to diversity, processes of evaluation, disorder diagnosis and intervention in education, oral and written language difficulties.

Venue is the library on Monday 20th January at 16:00 – 17:00 h.

RSVP sending an email titled Normas y límites en las rutinas to the coordinadora de ciclo: Rosa Mª Campos (rosamaria.campos@sek.es)

Tenemos el placer de invitarles a la charla titulada Normas y límites en las rutinas del día: sueño, alimentación, rabietas y pataletas, que impartirá la Doctora en Psicología Pilar Marín Gómez , profesora en laFacultad de Educación y Salud de la UCJC y especialista en Psicopedagogía Educativa. 

Sus principales líneas de investigación se han centrado en atención a la diversidad, evaluación, diagnóstico e intervención educativa de trastornos, alteraciones, dificultades en el lenguaje oral y escrito.

Les esperamos en la biblioteca el lunes 20 de enero a las 16:00 – 17:00 h.

Rogamos confirmen asistencia enviando un correo titulado Normas y límites en las rutinas a la coordinadora de ciclo: Rosa Mª Campos (rosamaria.campos@sek.es)

N1 Experimentando

¡¡Disfrutamos el otoño, experimentando con sus colores y divirtiéndonos mucho!!!


Nos lo pasamos genial haciendo cositas con arcilla y experimentado su textura.
¡¡Somos Papá Noel!!

N1 Marca Páginas

Haciendo un marca páginas con los bonitos colores del otoño


Cuando las hojas del otoño se caen nosotros jugamos y aprendemos con ellas. 

N2 Week

This week we have been getting ready for christmas celebrations. The children are discovering the new christmas characters such as snowman, gingerbread man, etc. We have decorated our classroom simulating a christmas town, were the children had to identify the houses, windows and doors. Come and see our little world!

We have done an art craft using green christmas trees. We have been working on fine motor skills using stickers with shapes. They had to decorate their christmas trees as they liked using the stickers. It was very challenging for them, since some of the stickers will stay on their fingers and they couldn’t get them out.

To end up, we’ve done a painting activity using blue sponges, to decorate our classroom. We used stars and christmas trees. And topped it with glitter! They were amazed to see that shiny thing sticking on the paper!Some of our favorite christmas songs this week have been «santa shark», «jingle bells» and «once there was a snowman».

Next week we will finish doing our snowman to put it at home in our christmas trees. We already did the shape using clay, and we will use white and black paint.

N2 New jungle animal

This week we have been busy exploring new jungle animals. We started the week doing an art craft using orange paint to simulate a tiger’s claw mark. They said «grrrr» while doing the activity. It is amazing to see how much they love tigers!

On Wednesday we went for a jungle safari, so we took our binoculars made with green paint, toilet paper rolls and wool. We counted monkeys, tigers and elephants. We found «TEEEEN!». It was a rainy week, but we took advantage of our classroom decorations to do some fun activities to work on animals movements, counting, fine motor skills, social and emotional skills.

 I have implemented a tool to manage and identify their emotions. Since they loved bananas, I have put faces in the bananas and when we do circle time, I ask them to choose how do they feel. 

Next week will be our last week of «Rumble in the Jungle» project. Come and visit our classroom and feel like in Africa!

N2 This week we…..

As you can see, we discovered lots of new jungle animals. We strated the week, doind a «jungle walk» were we chose which were our favorite jungle animals. «Roar», «stomp», «chomp», «croack» «grrr» were some of our new vocabulary sounds for the week.

On Tuesday we learnt new monkey’s facts. Monkeys love bananas as we do. So we made our bananas art craft, which will be hanged in our classroom. I drew different emotions on the bananas made by the children to work on emotions, using their interest in bananas and monkeys. It was a child initiated learning through play!

Then, we made elephants stomps using paint and ikea roll. They are starting to enjoy the mark making activities, and they were soooo excited to make their elephants stomp. I focused on colour «green» to identify the grass were the elephants walk through.

And to finalise the week, we did a cooking activity with all our friends. We made peanut butter and banana snacks! We used the monkeys favorite foods: banana and peanuts. During this activity we worked on our fine motor skills, to peel the banana, cut it and put some peanut butter on it. It was fun, and they ALL enjoyed tasting it!

Have a good weekend terrific tigers!!!!!

N2 Rumble in the Jungle

This week we started our new “Rumble in the Jungle” theme. The kids are enjoying the new animal sounds, names and movements.
This week we started with the monkey!

Come and ser our new classroom decoration, with lots of natural elements hanging from our ceiling. 😃